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Autobody Repair

Our main approach to any kind of repairs is to inform customers of their options and outcomes.  This allows the highest level of comfort and transparency in the decision making process.


With communication being our competitive key, each customer will be paired with a care specialist for repair related needs.  Updates on repairs will be provided with photos and messages via email or text messaging. Our prompt scheduling system also allows us to deliver on the promised date regardless of the repair nature.  

With over 20 team members, we are here to listen and serve!


Mechanical Repair

The most common questions asked are "What is wrong with my car? Would I have to pay multiple repair fees in order to find the source of the problem?".  With our licensed mechanics and state-of-art equipments, each car will be thoroughly inspected for any known or hidden issues. 

Using experienced knowledge, our mechanics will patiently explain and answer any questions to give customers full understanding of their vehicle requirements. Detailed quotations will also be provided before proceeding with any repairs.


Our no-push company culture allows our customers to have the comfort and time to make repair decisions.  We are confident in our service, so why the rush?


Other Services

For your added convenience, we also offer the following services:

Windshield Replacement

Dent Removal

Safety And Emission

Car Rental

Towing Services

Feel free to contact us for services not listed above.


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